About us

Chaoda is committed to the comprehensive development of ecological agriculture, successfully built a global multi-level Green Ecosystem Production Chain, from seed cultivation, bio-agricultural application to agricultural production and production base development, to various marketing and distribution channel, such as institutional distribution, e-commerce, supermarket supply, wholesale network and export. At the same time, the company is actively exploring the development of e-commerce channel to promote agricultural industrial upgrading. Guided by the supply-side structural reform strategy, Chaoda firmly grasps the opportunity of “Internet + agriculture” development, integrates the industrialization concepts of production chain, value chain and supply chain into agricultural industry. And with internet technology, to setup and build a trust worthy quality and safety system, together with a global distribution channel that achieving one-stop sales. Through the application of orders management, such as pre-sale, emergency procurement, etc., promote the transformation of agricultural production from production-oriented to consumption-oriented, and finally achieve the balance of supply and demand of agricultural products.

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